Outlook Connector for Jira

Create and comment on issues in Jira directly from Microsoft Outlook.

Create issues

Create issues in Jira from e-mails including all images and attachments. The email itself can also be attached to the ticket in various formats.

Transfer metadata

Add metadata such as sender, recipient or timestamp of the e-mail to the issue or copy this information into custom fields.

Use Outlook

Install the add-in in Microsoft Outlook 2007-2021 or Outlook 365 on Windows 7 to Windows 11. As a user based standalone installation or system wide via software distribution.

Comment on issues

Comment on existing tasks in Jira and add attachments and images. Related issue are suggested automatically.

Pass mails to JEMH

Pass the complete e-mail to the Enterprise Mail Handler for Jira (JEMH). It will take care of the further processing of the e-mail in Jira.

Connect Jira

Connect Outlook to Jira Server, Jira Data Center and Jira Cloud - individually or all at once. Any number of Jira systems can be connected in parallel.

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